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  • zmanj_54 zmanj_54 Sep 22, 2010 8:42 PM Flag

    Put the accounting concerns to rest

    whooppee deeee

    6 centers @ 300 students per center = 1800 students

    WOW! Not to mention that BIG OLE investor YOU have and plan to hold a whopping position of a whole 1300 shares ....... I am TOTALLY UNDERWHELMED by all these positives ......... GEE ..... that more than offsets the risk of having Sherb & Co as accountants


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    • What is youre position? Maybe you are short, that's what makes a market.

      As to the accounting comcerns anybody that keeps a check book correct could keep the books of this company.

      And heres the big one. If you cook your books in the US and get caught you would be sent to prison get 3 hots and a cot, watch TV, play sports, and etc..

      If spouses were allow there would be a waiting line to get in.

      Now if you got caught in China your head would be chopped off.

    • Zmanj_54's comments are becoming typical of the depth of the conversation whenever you mention the "W" word on a forum. You should see CHBT's board. I suppose Zmanj_54 is rather impressed with the size of his account. Bully bully for you Zmanj.


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      • I hold a basket of Chinese stocks including 1600 shares long in CEU. With China listed ADR's you can't get too excited about any given position or company. If a newly created ID appears and mentions the word SAIC on a Yahoo message board, your position could drop 25%. If Waldo, CCA, or Lemon publishing were to run an article on Seeking Alpha it's good for at least 50%. So you can't allocate too much a % in any given company.