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  • zmanj_54 zmanj_54 Jan 16, 2011 11:01 PM Flag

    my views of CEU, a few matters

    for what's it's worth.....i used to be a banker

    three C's of credit: ...... character, capital and capacity

    think about it?

    i bought 100 shares but i wouldn't more on this company right now .... i can afford to lose and i will get a good night's sleep if i do

    if CEU company is for real ...... surprise .... surprise if it happens means that the following should be TOTALLY discounted:

    strange corporate lineage (ABC North Carolina real estate company......then a very questionable Oklahoma City accounting audit (I'm being nice) beginning ...... thin float followed by a reverse split ...... revenenue recognition not passing smell test ..... accounting audit change to Sherb & Company ("cousin protected") ....... eye popping performance.....inability to document cash balances.....IF IT CEI IS A TRUE company then I have messed up royally.....I only bought 100 shares and I spotted this company about two years ago....... I own EDU and have cleaned up

    If CEU is a fraud....I only own 100 shares and have made a big mistake.

    Risk/reward.....ready to take my lumps on a 100 share investment in a scam company

    in good conscience i wouldn't buy into CEU right now ....WHY????

    are you real greedy.....better deals out there right now than a company ready to be shut down and proven to be a total fraud.