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  • prinsburg2000 prinsburg2000 Nov 30, 2011 11:42 AM Flag

    New CFO & new role for Alice Rogers

    Ms. Cloris Li replaces Ms. Alice Lee Rogers , who is taking on a new role as Vice President of the Company's North America business and operations. She became the Company's Chief Financial Officer in March 2011.

    Any ideas on Alice Lee Rogers new role as vice president of the Company's (CEU) North American business and operations? What North American business and operation?

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    • "Any ideas on Alice Lee Rogers new role as vice president of the Company's (CEU) North American business and operations? What North American business and operation? "

      Looks like they are planning on expanding their services to the U.S. Mexico and Canada markets. Hate to say this; but the U.S. needs this badly since most parents do not teach their children and they have no one to fall back to for questions on how to study, how to figure out word problems, etc... A online tutor and study guide who go a long way to teaching them the courses. Plus, I think this could turning into a big thing if they start in LA, then another one in SF and then follow it to Chicago and NYC/Boston - Dallas, Miami, New Orleans!

      Alice must have a good head for managment and business startups since she previously own her own business.

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      • too bad CEU is 99.9999% phoney harry_wild, or any of what you just said might make sense. oh well.

        CEU has no operations, no business, no business in any continent and so on. thats why their fraudulent stock is at 30 cents split adjusted.

        the market cap is still over 10mil and their real worth is around 100k.. so its worth 1 penny and you'll never see that penny in your lifetime since they are down in china and are fraudulent.

        enjoy your .00000000000001 price soon..

    • Alice was ineffective on the conference calls. I think her command of the English language was insufficient. Alice also made a mistake or two in the quarterly reports, like the little mistake involving the interest income. This action is a polite way of having Alice step into a minor role, and also seeks to minimize the potential for investors to think that Alice found something wrong at the company. The market reaction so far appears to be neutral. This is about as good as you can expect in the current environment, which is absolutely horrible for reverese mergers, no matter how long they have been public.

      What the company needs to do on the next conference call IMO is have both the new and old CFO participate. This is what CJJD did to smooth the transition without scaring investors. The former CJJD CFO now sits on CJJD's board. I don't think Alice is qualified to sit on CEU's board (esp with her previous bad luck with a board position at another Chinese company), but she filled a hole at CEU on short notice when nobody else would, and deserves credit for that.

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      • toddly what is wrong with you. seriously?

        the "company"? CEU is nothing more than a hole in the wall in Harbin China, fraud capital of china, with less than 500k in revenues at the VERY BEST and with no profits.

        this isnt a company, a hot dog vendor in new york has more revenues than CEU.

        CEU is worthless, stop discussing it like theres actual directors or officers on this fake company.

        GROW A F'ing BRAIN ALREADY jesus christ. the stock is 30 cents split adjusted now.

      • Toddly Fund, I'd have to agree with your take on things. Why would CEU appoint Cloris Li as CFO for only a 1 year term? That seems odd, especially after the Alice Rogers debockle. Alice Rogers was in way over her head, even for a rinky dink Company like CEU.

    • $120 per year for an audit senior from PwC? That is probably a new record in China. But considering that she will probably never work again after this job, it is probably not enough.

      I wonder if Alice Rogers has left early enough to escape prosecution. Living in the U.S., the SEC probably grabs her first.