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  • biod_factman biod_factman Oct 1, 2011 10:35 PM Flag

    Stop. Think

    Here's the answer on the analog washout question someone asked earlier. Let's call Biodel's EDTA citric acid solution "BF". So, BF + RHI has a longer washout phase than Humalog. That's b/c BF doesn't get all the RHI to breakdown at the same rate. Some will just break down at the RHI rate. So you have some RHI going up against Humalog...of course you will have RHI stragglers so to speak when compared to a 100% Humalog mix. That's the problem with BIOD 105 and 107. NOW, take BF + Humalog versus Humalog alone. You will get Humalog stragglers in both cases going up against each other. The total washout phase will look very much the same as time goes on in comparison. But the BF will affect enough Humalog in the beginning to get a quicker spike and be superior at onset. That's why there wasn't a washout problem in the ph III was BF + RHI VERSUS RHI! The stragglers were the same! I hope you understood my explanation. Quite frankly, the BF analog formula is much more commercially attractive than what BIOD had before....this is actually a much better path Biodel is on now.

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