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  • magkandler magkandler Sep 3, 2013 6:57 AM Flag

    MNKD or BIOD

    which one to go! MNKD has a nice chart support now.

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    • Bottom line MNKD is down under ,with over a billion usd or more in debt ,now assuming they got approved and had a partner and sales were ok, it would take many years of profit to pay such a debt like 5-6 years.So at this point the profitability and the reliability is like zero for many years to come.Insurance companies and medicare will certainly think twice about paying or partially paying for an expensive inhaler.Same problem Exuberra had.You just can`t easily market and sell such a premium product.The shear cost of selling Affrezza would be in the billions so it will be another utter failure.Approval or no approval.

    • Pathetically exposing yourself now after all that soft bashing lol. If you are really this desperate, then maybe it's time for you to get out of mnkd. mnkd's P3 results are not as good as they claim, and that's why it's lost almost half of it's value from the peak. The 171 and 175 was set out to prove bioequivalency between MT and DB, yet mnkd refuse to release data for MT. How can you prove bioequivalency while withholding half of the equation. what are scared of or why are they hiding?
      mnkd will not get a partner before approval, they even said it themselves in the conference call last year. Even if they get approved(big if), a partner will not show up because big pharma already tried and failed. pfizer's failed attempt with Exubera cost 2 billion, after which all other big pharma cancelled their inhale insulin program. if inhale was the future, the other big pharma would logically grasp the vacancy left by Exubera, instead they canceled ALL their inhale pipeline. What do you know that they don't? this was only few years ago. It was proven to be a failed hype. and dont tell me affrezza is different, because it has NOT solved any fundamental issues that failed Exubera. for example, lung cancer concerns, patients needs to go test lungs every 6 months, insurance won't cover it just because of convience, inconsistent/inconvient dosage, and the list goes on...

    • Whatever you choose to believe I guess? Is this a competition or something? There is no way that if BIO123 is effective that it will be rendered meaningless if MNKD receives approval. MNKD has mountains to climb and dilution through either issuing of shares or expensive partnerships that will expose the weakness of MNKD''s bargaining strength. No matter what, I think that MNKD is still longer away from marketability than BIOD. I still think there is a problem with long term inhalation of Insulin, but what do I know since no one with any authority has given an unqualified answer to that simple question.

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      • It would help if you gave some color around your "big" overall opinions. You don't, so it comes across as just that, opinions.

        Delivering insulin via the pulmonary system is a better way to deliver the drug. That's just a biological fact. Unfortunately, showing "proof of concept" has just taken 80 years because of other issues that arise with this delivery system. If MNKD has figured these issues out, then Afreeza could see some success. Only time will tell. There are years of studies looking at the impact of Afreeza on the lungs, and nothing major has come up. More time is needed to see if there is a long term impact. Short term though, nothing is showing up.

        I'm not seeing how MNKD is not 2-4 years ahead of BIOD from having a drug on the market to compete with Humalog/Novolog. Please explain. In any event, success in Afreeza will impact the mealtime insulin space. BIOD 250, not BIOD 123, is the drug that will compete with Novolog, Humalog, and Apidra. Company seems to be a year away from developing a BIOD 250 commercial solution.

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