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  • ilygod ilygod Nov 20, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    Next to no expectation spells opportunity

    The negativity on this board is a good sign that there's opportunity here. This is totally in the hands of MM's. They will suck out every last share from those who have lost money. But, Biodel has a pipeline that will prove its worth. 2014 will look much better.

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    • pipeline= biod 123, 250, 531, glucagon
      123 is not looking too good, 250 is based on 123 so forget that and 531 just entered phase 1 where it may fail and then they will go back to the rat lab and waste another year for another phase 1 of some other candidate. glucagon? a market of 125 million and this management will screw that up too. glucagon is all they have imo, the rest is just an excuse to raise money.

    • nimbuskhan Nov 20, 2013 11:53 AM Flag

      It's SO obvious but it's of no use telling it around here.
      The few remaining posters are sour individuals that simply fail to understand that, with biotechs, one has to either to (A) choose the "good horses" through DD, INVEST in those, and wait whatever time is needed or (B) SPECULATE with them and ACCEPT that they can turn absurd profits in a very short time as much as they can drop like a stone.
      In a sense, these "investors" are spoiled brats that can't accept the rules of the game they willingly and "greedfully" stepped into.
      (...and this is nothing. Wait until 2014 and have a belly full of laughs when they still curse the stock while cluelessly cashing it up...)

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      • Wow nimbus, thanks for judging the people on the board. What is it like to be such a winner? Not everyone can be as optimistic as yourself as they watch their investment cut in half or more. On the other side of things, considering no analysts have made any negative calls on BIOD gives me some perspective that is positive. So if we don't agree with you and your predictions, we are spoiled greedy brats? Thanks for the insight. Good luck nimbus

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