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  • adeiflig adeiflig Oct 22, 2013 10:02 AM Flag


    Congratulations Penny on your great work. Now that you have destroyed ETRM and seem to have a good handle in discouraging people into selling, can you tell us which other stocks you intend to destroy?

    Let me know, when you sleep at night, do you really feel good that you made life miserable for people?

    Do you get pleasure out of seeing people in pain?

    What pleasure do you derive, do you feel powerful in destruction?

    I guess you will fell right at home in HELL.

    Good riddance,

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    • Oh, don't give ME all the credit, Adeiflig!!

      IT WAS YOUR POST, baselessly pumping ETRM over on the Yahoo OREX board, that even had me LOOK over here. Then, the utterly mindless pumping that you and Gianni had ALL OVER the place made me realize some balance was desperately needed.

      The unwarranted abuse (my early posting was simply asking questions, then asking rhetorical questiosn) by pumpers like Petrosky and Defeator made it clear a very small crew here was doing the genuinely browsing investors the real damge. I had the energy, decency and smarts (you can thank my fellow Naval Intelligence vets next Memorial Day for those) to defend the innocent.

      But you SO miss the point: it wasn't ME that drove this price down so much! There's maybe 20-30 readers who come by this board - there just isn't enough jam in that few to move this stock much.

      I'll never know for sure, but I'd like to think I saved at least a half dozen of browsers from buying at $1.70+ last week....worth the effort.

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      • The credit is yours for sure. You did not bring balance. You brought destruction. You can with an agenda to cause hurt and pain to people. There are not 12 or 14 people as you say on this board, there are hundreds if not thousands who read posts and do not reply. You do not realize the significant damage you cause, lost pensions, lost funds, lost marriages, suicides, etc... When you come to this board and you spread despair and not hope, you ruin people with your tongue.

        I congratulate you, you succeeded and will be promoted to a position of DEMON in HELL, to serve your father SATAN.

        Did you think you will not be held accountable for your actions. Every soul you hurt you will personally have to pay back 100 times over. I guarantee, if you do not change your ways away from sin and destruction, you will see HELL. You may not believe now, but will when you get there.

        Other point: If you have no position on this stock then you have no business making any comments.


    • Those little moves don´t really matter...

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