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  • bbbnnnddd23 bbbnnnddd23 Mar 7, 2002 10:42 AM Flag

    Read message# 14133 to know why sinking

    and when asking "WHY" best to get flat. You can always buy back later. Never be asking WHY when in a position, you will lose 90% of the time

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    • I don't know if that is 100% right in this situation, but more or less, that is what is going on here. And yes, very few people on this board, or any other board actually understand how markets work.

      I am not a broker, just a trader who got interested in the markets. And I have traded less than 3 years, and I know WAY more than any broker I have ever talked to about the stock market. Or any other person I know period.(in real life, not over the net) Because people don't take the time, or are unable to, really learn what it is all about.

      So many people get into the market, and don't take the time to really learn it. Some get lucky, some don't.