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  • ercolanm ercolanm Mar 12, 2002 5:30 PM Flag

    Looks ok in after hours

    I was just checking the after-hours trades and almost all of the 100+ blocks after 4:50pm are $6.28 or higher, including several over 1500 shares at $6.41-$6.43. Today was a breather. Everyone knows telecom has been hit hard, so a decline after all the green that we've seen is in order. I think we will go up tomorrow on the retail report as some posters have mentioned previously. Also, shorts will probably want to cover going into options expiration on Friday. Best of luck longs.


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    • Good point....Telecom has been hit...and hit...and hit. For the past couple of years thats all its hit. Does anyone here really think Wall Street doesn't already have a decent handle on telecom by now.

      I think everyone is focused now on "what's next?" Similiar to the one day positive spikes we all experienced on singular good news events on the Naz's decline, today was a good example of the opposite. A down day spike on a broader up trend. A very similiar day in RSTN history occured just like today back in early October 2001. Go to and check out the candlestick chart....look at the first to second week in October. You will see some "very" similiar images.

      All in my opinion.