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  • bbbnnnddd23 bbbnnnddd23 Mar 28, 2002 12:00 PM Flag


    May I suggest you cover when we go new high of day over 6.48. When we break todays high it will prove that this is a small intraday profit taking pullback.

    Notice the speed of the price action on the upside of level 2 versus the slow penny by penny bleed of the downside. This shows you the size buyers are still looking to get in. Remember today is 30 days since the huge volume gap down day, many mutual fund managers are getting back in, and still able to take the loss from the warning last month.

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    • Thanks for the advice -- I will keep a close eye on her. I think we have a lot of window dressing going on today. I am just looking for a little profit taking later today and early next week. I may be wrong and if I am it is good you you longs. I am a trader both long and short so good luck everyone.