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Riverstone Networks, Inc. (RSTN) Message Board

  • dcsinvest dcsinvest Aug 9, 2002 9:30 AM Flag

    rstn buy,sell or hold

    metro market
    over $400 m in cash that is over 5 yrs of cash
    if you had like this company at $9 you gotto love it at$1.
    the time to sell is over i am buying bought yesterday and if it falls today i will buy more
    nothing goes up or down for ever

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    • so true, sometimes it goes to 0 and stays there

    • This is the way I see it from all angles:

      Riverstone is not a good stock to own right now if you are not a long term investor. It is not going to make a strong move up until the end of the year or into next year. Anybody, and I mean anybody that has done their DD on this company and the Metro sector knows the following statements to be sound.

      1) The Metro sector "is" going to be a high growth sector for the next several years. This is not only my opinion, it is the opinion of the brains of this industry as well.

      2) The customers that will be the biggest spenders of this technology are the RBOC's. This is just a simple fact. If you wan't to be a leader in this sector, you will have to sell your products to these carriers period. These carriers are not going to spend major money on Metro until next year so that should answer the mass of questions as to why this stock missed revenues by 50% and why it is under 2 dollars.

      3) In order to win the business of the major carriers and service providers, you have to have good technology and you have to continously keep that technology on the cutting edge. Is there anybody here that honestly doubts that Riverstone has great products or that they won't continue to develop cutting edge products to meet the needs of these carriers. They have been recognized by many groups as the market leader in Metro Ethernet. Their focus is to maintain that market leadership in the future so why doubt that they can't maintain their market leadership.

      4) Riverstone will return to solid growth when the carriers and service providers increase spending in the Metro. The only things that could prevent this from happening is the company going bankrupt or losing their market leadership. They have plenty of cash to wait out the downturn and some of the best engineers in the industry so going bankrupt and selling inferior products is highly unlikely.

      5) I am not even going to touch the management issue because they are not at fault. They are solid and technically strong and have the upmost repect of their peers in the industry. Anybody that blames them for this mess wasn't looking to hold this as a long term bet so somebody has to pay the price for their bad investment decision. In their opinion, it might as well be management.

      This is the way I see it. Longs will be rewarded in the coming years. Those that chose to invest (gamble) on a short term bet learned a hard lesson. If this is you, it is nobodys fault but yours.

    • Try enron and wcom.