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  • eutrader32 eutrader32 Aug 4, 2008 3:23 PM Flag

    A new Phenom.

    I don't get it. Today the up volume is 1 1/4 higher than down volume with the pps going down. This is the first time this has happened since I started tracking the volume as it relates to price. There are two other strange things that are happening today. The VWAP, (average price per volume) is not coming down in relation to this decline, and at 8:13 there was 50K vol. block that went across, but that volume didn't hit the total volume until almost 8:45.

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    • Again you are right. All I was trying to point out is that after determining what the risk/reward is, it will give you what strike price to chose and from there you collect the premium. And yes, it's a short term trade, just the way I like it. You can roll from one experation to the next over and over as long as the trend continues. I guess if you want to protect against an upside swing you can do as you say, but I don't like to buy premium.

    • mesopach,m what is your best guess on merrill close. what are your thoughts on the properties they are building on?

    • Why do you think I said determine what the support/resistance really is and then analyze what your risk/reward really is?

    • We were in a downtrend a few weeks ago and the stock turned on a dime didn't it. You can not put any credence into the trend here. One announcement and whatever profits you are nursing to the downside will be wiped away.

    • That's true. However with a stock that is in a downtrend you have to measure where the underlying support is and where the overhead resistance is and then analysis the risk/reward. It then is dependent on the strike price of the options that you take on.

    • The one problem with your covered call approach is that if the stock moves strongly to the upside then you are out when it keeps on running for the major hit.

    • EU:
      From a risk mitigation standpoint, selling the calls would only be effective for a short period of time, and your risk mitigation is the premium you collect. The put is much more effective over the longer term. If I'm a PM buying the stock here, I'm also buying a Jan 09 7.5 put. I've locked in my downside in case no plants come online this year, but have the upside if they do.

    • I didn't realize I was screeming, I was just so damn excited to be able to read a post from one of the great trading giants of our time. It would seem from reading your posts, that no one understands what is going on in the market but you. So I just wanted to give a big God Bless You from all of us yokuls that just don't get it. Maybe one day (but I doubt it)we can all be as knowledgable about the inner workings of the market as you....

    • Mespo- I think I responded to your position of take a long position and using covered calls. You're right in using puts. Using covered calls are really just another way to generate extra income when you have a long position, but it does cover a little of the downside risk as well, but not a well as puts.
      Yes, the book by Charles MacKay. I also like two other books; Studies in Tape Reading by Rollo Tape and Remininscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre.

    • How true, how true. The same holds true, if you sell covered calls. I like that method better than buying the puts because you are selling a deminishing asset due to time decay, and most of the time the expire worthless.

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