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  • scared_to_post scared_to_post Apr 6, 2011 9:38 PM Flag


    The only way to find the board is if you had it bookmarked/favorite OR you go to another message board then replace their symbol with RZTI.OB


    I have a feeling GE may not be technically minded. But Yahoo will make the board follow the new symbol soon and GE will be back. My family thinks I'm angry, GE is over the top. He seems bright enough, but violates the Yahoo board ethics almost every post. Hence the numerous user IDs. I just wish he would make it a top priority not to use the word retard in a derogatory fashion. There are many other words to choose from: silly, ignorant, dope, stupid, dumby, crazy, foolish, etc.

    I still can't believe KH got $180,000.00 of the money that was left in the pot. If there is a God he better smack KH down, and hard.