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  • jacksondunfrey jacksondunfrey Apr 30, 2010 3:28 PM Flag

    Garanty disapproval .. which is normal

    you are a moron.

    first, insiders can't sell their shares whenever they want, there are set times when they are able to buy or sell.

    second, you are a moron.

    third, selling with knowledge of HIGHLY material information, as an insider is ILLEGAL.

    fourth, it traded at 5.50 for about 1 second, so chances are it was purely a mistake or just a weak attempt at market manipulation.

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    • They sinply buy shares at the early morning (pushed shares to a 52 week high this morning HMMM) then sell into weakness. Someone needs to be on the floor to set this up. This starts triggering stops that adds to the weakness that triggers more, Finally yoiu get some people scared and sell shares which adds more fulel...but eventially the original starter wants back in and starts to buy which causes an uptick and people start to buy and cover then strentgh begins and the share price starts to move up. Suddenly, day traders can make a few bucks and they buy big...and low and behold the stock recovers and the good ol boys walk AWAY WITH OUR STOCK AND MONEY!!!!

    • It was stealing of shares by triggering stops,,,this is called a bear raid by someone in the position to see where stops are set...very risky except on a news always works and it should be illegal!

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