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  • khaiteuvn khaiteuvn Mar 27, 2013 6:01 AM Flag

    Of course it can go lower... but no matter how low it gets.....

    Of course it can go lower... but no matter how low it the end , the PA deal will lead us at least to +$10/share and when PA would become a block buster drug... $+$50
    When the markets would collapse... ALL stocks will go to their all time lows. Pozn as well. But markets always recover sooner or later.... and then the profitable companies will be the first to go higher and the first to reach new highs. So under $5.... I would say... every $0.5 POZN gets lower, I will double my position. Simple as that

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    • khait, well said my friend. Good news this AM. Let's see if Pozen can buck the market downtrend today and have an up day. Either way this baby is going to be heading much, much higer in the coming weeks.

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      • Stockguy,
        Good to hear and see you on the board. Excellent news out this morning. Can't agree more with you and Khait. We should be trading significantly higher than we are now and I believe in the coming weeks we will see that. This is a major new drug that the street is just discounting too much. Partnership news will have us trading at $12+ in my opinion......

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