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  • gamblin09 gamblin09 May 24, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

    I placed an order to sell 5000 at 5.01

    partially filled sold 3 shares TDAmeritrade...really I realize I did not place all or none, but that is a wasted trade fee!

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    • And here we are, play_tow did you leave your money on the table?

    • there we go, filled.

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      • I really do not understand some people. Today there are NON other stocks then POZN. They already have 2 drugs approved based on the same mechanism. There are not many biotechs where you can be sure about an approval.
        Secondly, we are talking about a "better then Aspirin" drug. The oldest drug in the world without any safety issues.
        Thirdly, POZN learned from their 2 mistakes with GSK and AZN. Both became a partner only to make sure the drug would not hurt their own sales of their own drugs. That what happened with Treximet and Vimovo. By being a partner, both companies had fully control over thenew drug and made sure it did not became a popular drug.
        Now with the 3th drug, PA, POZN will make sure that BAYER will NOT become their partner because Bayer would do exactly the same as GSK and AZN, boycot the sales of the new drug to protect their old drugs.
        SO we are looking at a 50% partnership.... for a Blockbusterdrug, without any other look-alike drug out. Unless people buy 2 drugs and mix them themselves but that will cost them more then buying PA. And on top of that, more and more doctors are aware of the bleedings/ulcers by using Aspirin daily and Aspirin is also more and more used by preventinig some cancers.... so the market is EXPANDING.
        I do not see many other stock out there who will become a 10 bagger in just 2 years time.

        ANyway... making money in the stockmarket has everything to do with "TIMING". And this is a time to buy.
        Good luck to all

      • The real waste, it seems, is that the shares keep climbing and you've left a big chunk of change on the table.

        But, no one went broke taking profits....

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