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  • khaiteuvn khaiteuvn Nov 7, 2013 6:26 AM Flag

    POZN's PPS soon at $1000/share???? PART2

    So with taking PA, most people can keep using daily aspirin without the risk to get those ulcers.
    Some numbers.
    Today, in the USA alone are around 80 million people older then 50 and about 24million are already TAKING daily aspirin.
    Worldwide there are 900 million people older then 50 and about 200 million are on daily Aspirin.
    But quite some patients has to stop because of ulcers developments and they have to take other, more expensive drugs that even aren't as good as Aspirin.
    And today we have POZN who will have PA, probably approved by the FDA on Januari the 24th.
    To make sure this drug can be distributed in a quick and ordered way, POZN signed a contract with SAnofi and Sanofi will distribute PA through its already existing locations in the USA. Sanofi will pay all the bills and POZN will receive from 12.5% to 22.5% and mile stone payements. Later on POZN will also sign contracts with other big pharma companies for the distribution in the rest of the world. Because POZN wants to be sure that patients will take PA instead of the common Aspirin, POZN has priced this drug at the same costs then Aspirin with a PPI, at $1/day.
    This also means that for every patient on PA, Sanofi will receive $365/year.
    So now you can do some simple math yourself. I give you some info to do that job easily. POZN has only 30 million shares, $90m cash, no debts and will receive around 20% average from Sanofi. (because the 12.5% is only for the first millions of $$$ that are coming in. The more yearly sales, the higher the percentage and do not forget the milestone payements.
    Let us assume that POZN can get 10% of the USA users on PA.... that would mean that 2.4 people are paying $365/year to Sanofi and POZN gets around 20% at no cost.
    POZN doesn't need to pay taxes the first years because of previous losses.
    POZN is intending to pay a dividend once the money comes in which will mean that the P/E will be around 35 to 50, which is a common P/E for a fast growing, dividend paying company

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