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  • mailbotte mailbotte Nov 25, 2013 10:48 PM Flag

    Why would you count 3days before the "ex" date?

    As for my understanding, this is what they say "Directors has declared a special cash distribution of $1.75 per share to all stockholders of record as of the close of business on December 11, 2013, with an expected payment date of December 30, 2013. "

    So if I buy BEFORE the close of december the 11th, I will be a stockholder of record, right? And I will get the $1.75. I can read, right? Or does it take 3 days after buying a stock to become a stockholder of record? And they say clearly " at the END of the 11th, so the eleventh = 1day already

    Why some people here are talking about the 6th???

    And some wisenoses better keep quiet about the 25% because $1.75 is NOT 25% of the PPS, ok?

    And as a Euopean investor.... will the USA government keep 15%? Because USA guys do not need to pay taxes immediately but maybe later on depending on how long you did keep your stock etc....

    My country WILL deduct 25% anyway on any form of cash distribution

    Somebody who knows about this in detail can explain in simple words? Thanks

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    • "And some wisenoses better keep quiet about the 25% because $1.75 is NOT 25% of the PPS, ok?"

      You sure you want to stick with that? On the declaration day, Nov 21, the stock closed at $6.80. $1.75 is 25.73% of $6.80.

      Don't the laws of mathematics apply in your country?

    • Yes you would have to buy on the 6th to receive the dividend because it takes 3 days to settle a trade by the 11th. The poster referring to the special rule where large 25% distribution would be revalued in your account on the payment date is an uncertainty, I think its better to plan that the 9th is ex div and the haircut happens that morning but it would be very nice if he is correct and its on the pay date, it only potentially affects holders who are highly margined.

      There will be no USA tax for you since its a distribution of excess capital and not earnings. There will could be foreign tax withholding for you but you can probably claim a complete refund on your tax filing since its return of capital. That's the way it would work here. You should not rely on this post from a yahoo poster for tax advice, etc

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      • As for my country, my government will deduct 25% anyway. Maybe I can arrange that deduction with my tax payments.... but I am not sure about that. I will check that out later. But as for me.... if I have to pay 25% tax in my country and I can not recup that.... can you guess what I am planning to do with my PÖZN shares?
        By the way.... in my country and many other european countries, when we hold stock of a USA company and that company pays a dividend, the USA keep 15% and my country keep 25%. And that is NOT deductable. (normaly USA keeps 30% and Belgium 25% but some european countries made a deal with the USA and that's why the USA "only" keeps 15%.
        But because POZN doesn't call it a dividend but gives it another name.... that I am not familiar with.
        Anyway, I will write an email to Plachetka because I think that there are other ways to increase benefit shareholders without them to pay huge amount of taxes.

      • "Yes you would have to buy on the 6th to receive the dividend"

        If the ex-date is the 9th. But if the ex-date, which hasn't yet been announced, turns out to be the 31st, then you could buy the stock as late as the 30th and still get the dividend. As with any distribution, buy before the ex-date and get the dividend. It is the ex-date and the ex-date alone that determines who gets the distribution.

    • be may take 3 buisness days before you are a holder of record

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