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  • yrubinek yrubinek May 8, 2014 10:24 AM Flag

    HZNP + POZN merger !!!

    Excellent marketing + excellent technology .

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    • Don't think we will see any buyout now, till at least 2016-2017 the earliest. POZN will be worth far more then, than in 2015 with at least 1-2 years of PA Rev's and enhanced Vimovo Rev's. I can wait, been here 6+ years already on at least half my36k shares.

    • I'm a big POZN fan and previously advocated a HZNP merger to save money on royalties (which are exploding multiples of what is contractually promised)

      Not to cast any aspersions, but there is no way that HZNP (or other company) would buy POZN with a law suit pending (although likely unfounded). Just like BOA found out when it bought Countrywide, it then became responsible for all of the billions of dollars that was eventually settled due to that acquisition. Not going to happen now, but a pity in my opinion as they would have been a good fit (and very low overhead with only a few employees to assimilate).

    • prob not. especially w/ HZNP buying out Vidara and will be completed in June or July.
      can HZNP buy out later in the year (after pozn attains fda approval)? possible, especially given that HZNP is paying 10% royalty on V for a long time, and that 10% can be pretty sizeable in 3-4 years down the road.

      but personally i hope not for HZNP sake, as they would have to pay 400-500M for POZN and to me, not worth it. Vidara, HZNP paid a bit more for it for one orphan drug but the tax advantages make it far more valuable than just the orphan drug.

      anyway, someone will buy out POZN, don't worry

    • Unlikely.

      POZN is in an amazing position, for such a small biotech, in having 3 major partners, each shepherding and profiting from POZN drugs…

      AZN ramping V sales in ROW
      HZNP ramping V sales in US
      SANOFI to be ramping PA sales in US

      and, as we are hearing today…

      POZN seeking new global partner for PA.

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