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  • matrixmania55 matrixmania55 Jul 28, 2014 4:21 PM Flag

    Regarding CVS

    While the news release affects Horizon and POZN it's actually Not going to affect Anything at all. The other 2 Big Pharm's carry it, Walgreens and RiteAid. The Decisions are NOT made by the Pharmacy, but, By the Drug Distributor ( which won't want to carry something that is very low in distribution). How do I know, I used to work for Cardinal Health which is CVS - Supplier. I'm not going to go into the Distribution model here as I would be typing all night, and no one would understand it. Distribution is a losing bus. for McKesson and Cardinal, they do it for the cash flow since they get paid in advance, and lose on product sale.

    The patient can fill his prescription anywahere, and if he has a Job, and has Health Insurance, the Insurers always mandate that the employee buy a 90 day supply through the Co Plan.

    In my case I have to buy through Cigna Ins. Pharm. in PA. This was a well orchestrated sell off (as usual) by people who knew the article was coming out a day before. A shame the SEC is just to sparse to investigate anything. But to those who know what just happened, some will be buying, just don't do it aggressively, let the SB's think they accomplished something and buy a little at a time down here. I may delete this post.

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    • Matrix, thanks for the info. I'm a little confused though. Are you saying that if Rite Aid and Walgreen follow CVS and take Vimovo off formulary (which may or may not happen), it won't matter because patients with employer-provided health insurance will order a 90-day supply directly from the insurer, and the insurer will still cover the drug? I thought some insurance plans say they'll cover only drugs on a formulary -- or is that only if you buy it at a drug store? Thanks again.

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      • You folks are confusing CVS Caremark, the insurance drug provider (and Express Scripts), with CVS the drugstore chain - insurance plans that use those providers, like for Medicare Part D, will no longer cover Vimovo - Rite Aid and Walgreens and Walmart may pick up sales because CVS will no longer sell V, but that won't change the fact that some 20% -30% of patients will no longer have V on their formulary - those other pharmacies are not part of a drug insurance plan.

      • No, Walgreen and Rite Aid stand to benefit by picking up the customer (from CVS) that doesn't want to take 2 drugs instead of one. You can bet that Horizon will be refocusing education on the Doc's as well as all the other PBM's to maintain sales growth. Horizon selloff was way overdone, I may buy some today.

    • Nice in-sight!

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