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  • play_tow play_tow Aug 7, 2014 9:50 AM Flag

    Key Highlights from HZNP CC....Relevant to POZN

    This from the HZNP board concerning CC highlights:


    44% PME Duexis, 22% Vomovo in July. Sales force aggresively pushing PME.

    Will no longer report Gross/Net, but just net sales growth (as per industry standard)

    Charged $13M for Vimovo to reflect additional royalty revs expected (look for POZN to fly also)

    CVS/ESI average exclusion effect was decrease was about 13-15%. This means at a max the impact will be 15% (minimum following exclusion). United health has a non-preferred for Duexis, but it has grown 50% regardless. Other companies also have tried to influence the sales of Duexis/Rayos, but history shows this has not impacted growth of the products or their revenues. Providers are not required to adopt the exclusion list recommendations.

    PME is the way to provide drugs without intererence, at the lowest price possible (mailed to home). PME lowers rejections and eliminates autorization forms by higher authority. Docs like it!

    Due to low percentage of total market Ibuprofen (1% Duexis) and Naproxen (2.5% Vimovo) the company has flexibility to move.products where growth is best.

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