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  • dreamerultra dreamerultra Oct 28, 2010 10:55 AM Flag

    New 52-week high

    I agree and stock has acted better all quarter long. Prior 3 quarters we had conolistaed gains from earnings all quarter long with multiple traces to the 50 day. Not this time... Instead we added to the gains.

    Listened to TQNT and RFMD cc's...Each was a thing of beauty.

    We fly tonight, 8-9 is in the cards. Tomorrow likely.

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    • dreamer....couldnt listen to either cc. Care to summarize? If you have time that is.

      Thanks in advance.

      • 2 Replies to mulletman99
      • MM - Some highlights from the RFMD call:

        They saw no supply constraints from their suppliers

        Record results this past quarter, expect flat Q3 to Q4 results, uptick in results resumes Q1'2011 (Q1 being weakest quarter of the year)

        Explosive growth in components of smartphones is coming in 2011-2012, this is just the beginning. We have not even begun to see advances in what these phones can do and will require internally to function

        Nokia although dropping as a % of revenue (with overall increased revenue) indicates more players and
        lots of growth in new customers coming on line

        GaN advancements/new contracts

        All in all very bullish for AXT

      • I love the "SELL NOW" thread.

        Obviously an amateur.

        Stocks that make new 52-week highs tend to make more. That is an investmor addage that enyone who knows anything about stocks, knows.

        Fundamentals tell you WHAT to buy.
        Technicals tell you WHEN to buy.

        Both the fundamentals and technicals are SCREAMING buy for AXTI.

        Anyone who knows anything about investing knows this.

        Notice the amateur does say WHY he is short, or WHY he thinks its going down, and he doesnt answer direct questions.

        I wonder why?


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