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  • Pullin_GS Pullin_GS Oct 29, 2010 12:42 PM Flag

    Out at $8.45 (sorry about pushing it down)

    I'm gone.

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    • They dont need the cash.....and profits are good enough to cover costs of expansion. So I dont think a secondary is in the cards.

    • any possibilities that company is contemplating another round of offering?

    • Dreamer......I agree 100%. Combine the collective knowledge of this board and the % of the knowledgable that are loaded up, and you have to feel pretty good about the position here.

      1 last bear raid didnt surprise me a bit, but I played conservative (relatively) with my buyback.

      Also.....agree 100% with needs to be thanked for their PR was a brilliant way to calm some nerves.

    • This is probably the most loaded up this board has been since July.
      All of the signs point to a good quarter and guidance except for an errant call by a Needham analyst.

      I think it is important to point out the press release which identifies Mr. Young as presenter on the upcoming conferences.

      I have a feeling they actually read this board. Perhaps took Sap's comment to heart. I must say how unusual this is to issue a press release about upcoming conferences and the attendees.

    • "This reminds me of the old days....AXTI would pop.... and then retreat 20+% before starting a trend up again."
      Boys, I just added another 15% shares ~$9

    • and the things they can do is pay a dividend and of course buy back stock to drive the stock price up up up over the offering price. As I see it, a company should be ashamed of itself if its stock prices trades below the offering price and do everything in its power to rectify the trust early investors placed in the company.

    • I see no harm in doing some new things. Dont touch the manufacturing operations that is fine. The company is strong and has made siginificant progress last 2 years. Why not show it off a bit and reward the investors as well. They are increasing capacity to the tune of 7M yet cash is still growing. That tells me they can do some things.

    • Ok, they never ever made a press release for a new product as long as I have been with the company. Just face it, they are very very conservative. What gets this stock to tank are major events, like global recessions, falsifying quality checks (the normal chinese way apparently) to cover up quality issues, or the total collapse of their end market, aka telecom.

      I see none of those on the horizon, especially the quality problems, which I think they have procedures in place for now to keep an eye out. Morris got burned bigtime by someone falsifying quality documents the last time, I don't think he is going to let himself get fooled again. Give the man credit, he can walk the walk and talk the talk now, he has earned it. I am sure when he steps a foot in the plant everyone over there is at attention.

    • Yeah, I agree there would have to be some major unforseen screwup to screw this up. I wonder how many people realize that AXT at one time dominated the market? No reason they can't do it again if their quality is good and their price the cheapest.

    • Good point. This board is very good about keeping it real and in perspective. I think we need to keep their feet to the fire. Why has Ms. Leslie Green not put out a press release of their entry into 6" Germanium market? Still have 40M, announce to buy back 10M dollars (1.3M or 4% of the float) in shares and it will pop.

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