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  • mirandavallecillo mirandavallecillo Jan 13, 2011 5:20 AM Flag

    AXTI - AXT and CalAmp: Two New Picks for 2011


    AXTI: AXT and CalAmp: Two New Picks for 2011

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    • Sap, sounds like he is a chip off the old block. I have a 7 month old, my first, I am giving him heavy doses of the WSJ and CNBC. We'll see what happens. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
      I remember as a youngster watching Louis Rukeyser on Friday night PBS and my parents just chuckling.
      As for your stock, I think Bean is right on the money a quick sale would be in order on profits and bought in increments.
      I'll look more detail this weekend and see if I can add anything else.

    • Thanks Bean...I'll pass that info along.. D

    • Hey Sap, i did own IDTI at one time. Here's my thoughts. Chart looks decent, but not high volume, positive/negative. Long term chart is terrible, negative. Lower est next year as opposed to this year. negative. peg ratio about 1. neutral. Insiders selling recently. neg. If you do buy, i would just hold to make a couple of bucks, then get out. OK, i did not do much homework on it, but it would not be something i would buy. There are much better plays out there. Earnings are what drives stocks and if est. are lower next year as opposed to this year, i would pass. Let's see what dream thinks. gl

    • Dreamer....I don't as a rule pass out information on stocks unless it relates to a position I hold.

      IDTI was recommended by my son....he isjust getting under way with the world of wall street. If you or Bean have any thoughts on the following ...let me know.

    • Back in 2009 and early 2010 I did have a concern that a buyout would cap our return. As time moves along now, I think no serious offer would be considered today under $25. I think the Billion mark is probably a good measuring stick. Considering Morris saw his company run to high $40's on comparabe revenue to what the company will be churning out here shortly. I would think his eye on the prize is somewhere north of $50. I think Intel is a good name to throw in the ring, there are a few juggernaut tech's that would be happy to bring this business into the fold. IMHO

    • Come to think of it, that likely could happen if Intel sees the light. They need to come up with something to compete with ARM. A lot power consuming super chip on GaAs might be just the trick. To cut everyones legs out from under them they would buy the entire supply chain when they are ready to go prime time. Even in 3-5 years (time time horizon I think is a minimum if Morris is willing to sell), it would likely go for 6 times revenue, so $1.5-$2B abouts. Something that Intel could easily do if they needed to.

    • There is no doubt there is a lot of value here, but it isn't going to come cheap. Furhter, I don't think Morris is ready to sell yet, he just got back in the rocket seat and from all I can tell he should be enjoying the ride right now. When the 2nd plant is built and producing product and the 3rd is already under construction, maybe then it is time to let some big suitor, like Intel, pay-up. Reality is it will take at least a billion to buy this company by then, if not more. Why be impatient and sell to early?

    • Trading has been extremely bullish again today. The original drop was on very low volume and we saw buyers coming in right after taking it all the way back to break even. Very bullish I think.

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