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  • j.qpublic30 j.qpublic30 Jun 1, 2012 5:53 PM Flag

    my shares have not switched over yet

    My shares switched over. But I have CEMi in 3 seperate accounts and in all 3, I lost a 1/2 share. 1 1/2 shares in all. Yes it is not a lot but i made the amount an even number on the 100's so that I can sell call options. Now I have to buy 2 shares 1 each for 2 different acct's just to do this. What a pain in the a**

    My broker said that CEMI did not settle on what to do for fractional shares, but would probably re-imburse in cash. Big deal, trade costs alone are worth a lot more than 2 single shares and 2 single trades.

    I hope that This stock continues to skyrocket up. Been an owner at .25 a share

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    • dbretz Jun 1, 2012 8:36 PM Flag

      My CEMI (or should I say CEMID) shares are in an account with Fidelity, and mine switched over just a few hours after open on the day of the reverse split. Interesting comments from Larkin about how this is trading after the split. Makes me understand a little better about the still massively wide bid/ask spread, which was at about 7-8% at the close today. We'll have to be patient with volatility, maybe big time volatility for a little while here. Once we settle, get officially listed, and go back to CEMI symbol, that's when we'll really know where we are short term, stock price wise. Medium term (meaning next year or so), I can't see any scenario where Siebert would time this split for right now other than him being super confident in execution on the business plan over the next 18 months. I was pretty lukewarm about the R/S in general for a while, but in the end I see this as nothing less than Siebert putting CEMI on a tee, and he is holding a big old driver ready to knock the ball 300 yards down the middle of the fairway. Because of the still low volume in this one, I don't have quite the skin in the game that a lot of of you do, always a little nervous about being able to unwind positions, etc, etc, but I hope I'm right about this because this is looking like a good one. Good luck everyone.