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  • solantey Jan 21, 2007 1:10 PM Flag

    "Take the Money and Run"

    With your high level of expectations which others don't realize I'm certain that you'll be liquidating all of your assets (home, stocks, etc.) and moving into DORB on Monday. In this situation it seems that the recent events reak of manipulation and usually the insiders make the real money and the rest of the shareholders may be in a position to play the bounce and profit from it. Whatever the high price is on Monday it will be lower by Friday; probably 30% lower. Just a thought!! If you want to play this I wouldn't buy it tomorrow.

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    • Your looking at the short term and speculation on short term price movements which might or might not take analysis and comments are based on fundamentals of the company...its products and potential products and who these products will serve and their market potential..this is the real value going forward unless of course you are a short term speculator and you are happy with peanuts...many like you posted when ID Biomedical was about 4 bucks also and failed to hold until it was bought out a over 30 bucks actually a relatively short time later.....your throwing your opportunity away by selling now IMHO but if you do good luck....Marvin

    • in other words your sorry ass wants to buy this because you realize you missed the boat and you know you don't have the discipline to see if the stock will continue higher after the gap up in the a.m. who do you think you're fooling? what a jag-off you are.

    • Well hot shot Solanty.I'll give ya the opportunity right now to tell us all what the closing price of DORB will on Monday. Righy NOW!!!!