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  • syed_emraan syed_emraan Jul 30, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    Amything in the pipeline?

    I am new to SNGX. Is there anything in the coming few months that will bump the pps?

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    • From someone who watches early stage drug companies, this particular company has more legit potential than most companies in the industry with 5x its market cap. Most of the research you will find on this company is also easy to read and understand. There's a lot going on near term as stated below along with the SGX201/203 trials, but as I'm conservative I wouldn't count on any specific events triggering the stock price in Q3/Q4. Instead, what I think you should do is to take a look at the overall potential of this company and decide if it's right for you to take the risk and jump into it. I did this and decided to get in at $1.05 and again at $1.45. I will likely buy another chunk next week as the chart looks like a pretty clear technical retrace to $2 in the relatively near term.

      As you'll see in your research, the government is funding many of the drugs that SGNX is developing and many of its drugs have been already designated "fast track" by the FDA. This is exceedingly rare for a company of this size, but what's significant to us investors is that this not only lowers SNGX's R&D spend but it also helps speed up the drug approval process. That may line up well for some major approval milestones in 2014.

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      • Hi jserper,

        I've recently taken the plunge with SNGX, since it seems like its market cap should have an extra zero. It's now my biggest holding. But of course we all have to diversify our portfolios. So I was wondering whether you (or anybody reading this post) have uncovered any other SNGX-like early stage drug companies?

    • don't listen to me or to anybody here

      do your DD
      see who is on the Board
      see who just bought the new subscription
      see who gives revenue to this Co
      see their pipeline on the website
      see their market cap

      after that, do what you have to do

      as me, as few people who found this jewel

      Dr S.

    • Near term is a BARDA contract and Nasdaq listing. These two events will push the pps over 15.00. Major insider and institution buying during cash raise. BOD is loaded with big guns.

      Major changes int he company the last two months. Look at the historical volume to see. Someone knows something. Heavy accumulation going on. This stock is just like RPRX with large players buying. Low float too.