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  • acricketeer acricketeer Feb 5, 2002 1:05 PM Flag

    ELN Punished Because It's a Foreign Co.

    Any foreign cos. having questions about their accounting are being sold off reflexively, irregardless of the sector they're in or the fundamental strength of their business.ELN is a hybrid drug-delivery co., biotech, venture capital fledgling drug co. If it were valued as a drug company, it would be judged on earnings. If it were a biotech co. losing money, it would probably havbe a much higher valuation. The company has stated that it is transitioning itself to being a drug co., which has made them more vulnerabel to a specific group of analysts.
    Europeans do business in a different way, especially those based in countries with high tax rates. Fund managers are afraid to hold foreign cos. with accounitng problems because they are too difficult to follow. So they sell. This can present some buying opportunities.
    As a recent example of a foregin company, attacked by shorts on the NYSE in a different business, check out ASW, which fell from 60 to 4.75 and now has stabilized in the low 8's. The key here is picking the bottom and playing the bounce.
    Rather than look at the price of ELN, try to guess how long the weakness will last. The relative volume being flushed out of this stock is astounding. Of course, alot of this volume is new short interest. As soon as ELN flatlines, the shorts will start to cover. Many funds bail as soon as Millberg Weiss jumps in. However, the shareholder lawsuits only color the tone of the stock, ot the fundamentals.