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  • zen_water zen_water Jun 28, 2002 5:17 PM Flag

    Gotta love it

    Millions of shares traded, 15% drop on negligable non-event, many sheep fleeced and slaughtered, carcasses, blood and flies everywhere, dogs and cats, as Bill Murray stated so elequently we're talking biblical here.

    The fear. The loathing. The wailing. The weeping. The knashing of teeth.

    And Elan is quietly making good money and a participating in some of the biggest drug launches ever.

    This has got to be one of the biggest disinformation stock scams ever accomplished.

    What a disconnect.

    My hat's off to the boiler room gang that has orchestrated one hell of a show.

    IMHO zen

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    • EGO --

      Thanks for the reply. We all know you are absolutely correct in everything you say. It just seems to me that things have gotten out of control in the market, while we all know the risks, it still boggles the mind what some people and organizations will do to "earn" money.

      I'm very sceptical by nature and don't have a lot of trust in most systems. Having watched and traded QLGC and EMLX over the last couple of years, I know not to trust anything that is happening with the movement of those stocks or the underlying fundamentals of those companies. If there is a group of people who can be fleeced and several funds give each other the wink, each of those stocks can move 25 - 30% in a day in either direction, without any news. Unbelievable.

      You are right, you have to have all the knowledge you can gather about the methods of the professionals and try to stay in line with their best interests, it's as simple as that. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the time to master all the tricks and then monitor the investments on a minute by minute basis.

      Thanks for the informative posts, and I can speak for many here, you have saved alot of people alot of money with your frank and analytical advice.

    • <He knew of the probable attacks ahead of time!>

      You're full of crap!


    • No, he doesn't have a clue...
      His job is to help find prospective customers for ING, not to determine the value of Eln.
      He sees blood in the street and the only ways it could benefit ING is by having shareholders selling this pos or Eln selling itself: prospective buyers would presumably use the services of the likes of ING...

    • OF COURSE THESE GUYS KNOW STUFF WE DON'T KNOW...that is a given with elan...they have known every bit of news before us...the stock price has shown that time and time again...elan is nice to the big guys and screws us.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Why would ING go on record as stating that Elan is through as an independent company? Does the analyst know something we don't?

    • you and I both have learned a bad lesson...funny thing is, I had a friend that warned me about elan being a house of cards...I didn't listen. My point about IR was that they never did DO anything to stem the flow of blood...their silence is deafining.

    • Making a judgement based on conversations with IR is at best a 50-50 call. You're lucky your instincts were dead on. Most of the IR dept's I've dealt with (some in surprisingly large outfits) couldn't find their ass with both hands. Asking them anything only guarantees that you get the investor packet sent to you; getting anything remotely germane to the reason for your call is a lucky accident. From where I sit, this crises with the SEC will pass - too much time and no leaks and basically the same charges that they beat the last time around. As dumb as these guys seem to be, they had to know that the SEC still had one eye looking at them. Betting on maybe a slap on the wrist to justify the time spent. But it has pointed up just how inept management really is. I don't see how ELN will ever come close to its old high's. They'll need to come up with a cure for death. There's just no confidence in management. BOD must be VERY weak not to have forced a change and this quite frankly is THE ISSUE that has me worried. I figure it'll get bought/sold shortly after matters are settled. Haven't got a clue as to what it will fetch, but anything north of $10 and I'm safely in the black with one hell of a lesson learned.

    • Zen,

      Your comment about boiler room strategies. Would like to discuss with you regarding that issue. I think this stock is being orchestrated for a significant upswing by the Big Boys.

      I have been watching this sine it fell to the 15-19 range and stupidly went in last week at it's high for this run at $8.20. I read an article when Buffet was having his Omaha meeting and ELN was 9.26 on the date of the article that they were either in or looking at ELN as a value play. Now today, Prudent Speculator, which "ferrets out bargain-priced value and growth stocks" rated by the Hulbert Financial Digest as top performing ... has mentioned LEN as a speculative investmenr with significant value in spite of the recent accounting issues.

      That is two performers, Buffet and Prudent Spec, that are working the pharmas, especially ELN, as "value plays".

      The additional advantage of ELN is that it is not a US stock and may fair better as the dollar totally goes to hell in a hand basket. Read up on Soros' comments in that arena. He was quoted as dollar losing 30% of value possibly. This whole US house of cards is ready to tumble with WCOM and now Xerox cooking the books for billions. ELN's agressive manuevers are a pittance compared to what the rest of the thieves have done.

      I feel that the market will start dumping next week, now that quarter end dress-up time is over and that you will see some vulchers swooping in on ELN. Then there will be some sort of rally and back down. The SEC clearance will provide for a significant bump up that will hold it at a new level. Too many long-term Big Players are viewing this one as a buy right now to keep this one down at the current level for very long.

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      • kdrobb - I am very aware of the prudent speculator record because I also subsribe to Hulbert. As you are aware, the prudent speculator track proven record beats almost everything else out there.

        I see a lot of posts on this board by clueless investors who think that the price action means that there is something terribly wrong with Elan. This conclusion is unwarranted in my opinion and I have yet to see any reasonable basis for it. IMO it is BS.

        My view is that there is something terribly wrong with a system that allows the deliberate manipulation of a relatively low volume equity. On the one hand, you take your chance that such manipulation can occur when you buy into a low vol stock. On the other hand, the manipulation is deliberately used to force good investors to abandon good stocks and take losses to pad the pockets of those that employ the tricks of the trade.

        I am attaching an article that I am fond of that goes into some detail as to how the process works. It ain't pretty. This game is serious, it is for real and it is deadly.

    • Something is wrong. I got out a couple days ago. If the fundamentals are so strong, why aren't the big boys lining up to buy?

      ELN has been completely silent. They can speak out and bring confidence to the shareholders, but they don't. Bernie Ebbers from WCOM did the same thing.

      I hear all day on the news "why didn't you sell WCOM when the stock price was telling you to get out" I don't know what ELN will do, but the price of their stock is speaking volumes.

    • I agree...why the hell doesn't this company defend itself??? The lack of defense is really pissing me off.

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