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  • simonig simonig Jan 31, 2003 2:42 PM Flag

    Transcript from Bloomberg Interview PT1

    Hello Splaylaywahtheepi,
    Maybe you are right about Elan not being worth $30 billion at this time and that my thinking is "bunk". However, note that Elan was down to $1.13 per share just a few months ago based on the "wrong" type of thinking. My belief is that Elan will recover to the mid teens this year. When the price reaches the mid teens, I believe it is likely for them to get an offer to get bought in the mid 20s. I do not believe they will get buy-out offers before the SEC investigation is completed and before the stock reaches the mid teens. If they get past this year (without a buyout) and get FDA approval for Antegren, They should be able to reach the $3 billion revenue target and still have a strong pipeline. IMHO, it is the strong pipeline which makes Elan a strong buyout target.

    Best Regards,