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  • acricketeer acricketeer Feb 5, 2003 9:15 AM Flag

    LYON's Put to Stock

    Yes LYON's are no longer an issue. They already bought back some to save themselves $50 MM + interest. I'm guessing their strategy. Now that they've tipped their hand, the LYONs have appreciated alot in price and may not be worth buying back. As long as the stock stays above 4 or 5, they might prefer to be put part of the LYONs in stock and not worry about the dilution. The next concern will be the future loans which cannot be converted into stock. They can preserve their cash for that. They sitll have the chance to liquidate alot of the partnerships were written off. They have a few years to do it. I don't think the SEC is going to come down hard on them since they don't want to be accused of forcing any company paring its debt into bankruptcy. It looks as if they got a great price for Skelaxin,since sales dropped off so much. Of course all of these divestiturres will have negative effect on the top line. However they might actually help the bottom line. Drugs that don't sell well and which require a large sales force actually lose money. part of each deal involved selling the sales force with the drug on Abelcet and Skelaxin.