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  • osella_70722 osella_70722 Nov 3, 2004 11:55 AM Flag

    Best part about THIS election is that

    the Democrats can only blame themselves. No legitimate Bush stole the election BS. The system works. is where the Democarats always seem to fail. When they look critically at WHY they lost, they don't find fault with THIER strategy or platform, it's that the American people are out of touch.

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    • osella,
      I largely agree with you. Kerry screwed up the campaign by letting Bush define him and define the issues. If Kerry had found his issues early (e.g. wrong war, wrong time; enemy should be terrorists not secular country in Middle East) he could have won.

      Republicans ran a smart campaign and were largely in control. They defined the agenda and Kerry tried to play catch up, and that is not a way to win.

      Anyway, the election is over. I hope we will all make an effort to stick mostly to ELN related stuff on this board for a while. I look forward to reading posts from ELN supporters and valued shorts like Goldfinch--regardless of whatever position they had on the election. (Of course there are a few who are so dumb or so bigotted that I have them engraved on a permanent ignore list--but I am sure that is not any of you reading this post.)