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  • frogsleapmerlot frogsleapmerlot Dec 7, 2004 10:35 PM Flag

    NUMBERS & Numbers &nuMBERS

    According to the Motley Fool, $2B in sales in FY2010 represents 375980 patients.

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    • Lol...why am I even wasting my time. The product costs $23,500/year. $2b in sales divided by $23,500/year/patient equals only 85,000 patients. That is a ridiculous lowball. The Fool article is essentially assuming that the Oceanside and Denmark plants will never produce a drop of Tysabri. Preposterous.

      Look more carefully at the table before you rant about it. The 375k patients figure you're referring to is the Fool's estimate for total patients treated on any drug worldwide, not total patients treated on tysabri. Look 2 rows under.