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  • thewinnertakesitall thewinnertakesitall Dec 21, 2004 12:58 PM Flag

    Tysabri and Crohn's desease

    My daughter suffers from Crohn's desease and I just couldn't care less about the stock prize of ELN. However, I'm very interested in Tysabri as a potential medication against severe forms of CD with fistula and the like. Although not yet officialy approved for therapy against CD, the physician will start a therapy with Tysabri in the next few days. Unfortunately the therapy with Infliximab which is generally used for Crohn's patients has caused severe side effects. Hopefully Tysabri is going to work. And then nobody has to worry about the stock anymore. So stay tuned...

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    • When Elan/Biib announced the results of Tysabri for crohns in both induction and maintenance, buried in all the data was the following information.

      14 crohn's sufferers with active fistulas allowed Elan/Biib to videotape their colonscopy before taking T. Those same people allowed a post treatment videotape of their colon and those videotapes showed HEALING OF THE FISTULAS. Suggest your doctor contact Elan for additional details.

      Why I was totally impressed with this data, hidden away in all the stuff, is I've had a number of colonoscopies and cannot believe that 14 people WITH disease would be brave enough to let them do & videoptape this situation FOR A DRUG TEST.

      I think your doctor and your daughter should view T as something with real hope attached. Happy Holidays.

    • Like many here, I, too, hope for the best for your daughter. Appreciate your post. Have a nice holiday.

    • Thank you for the post. Please report back later on your daughter's response to Tysabri.

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