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  • acricketeer acricketeer Jan 19, 2005 9:07 PM Flag

    Prialt launch at 2:30?

    Whether the original chemical structure was drawn from the cone snail or EBAY tanks the market at the open, PRIALT addresses some serious pain management issues.
    Pain management is currently a major subspecialty of anesthesiology. Anesthesiologists who are burned out working the night shift in the o.r. have been drawn to this new type of practice.There are numerous pain centers located throughout the U.S. Considering the problems associated with opiates (tolerance, abuse, hypersensitivity etc.) PRIALT will offer a new alternative from people suffering from intractable pain. Just think of it: in the past few months with the FDA wounded and retrenched with the cox-2 fiasco (a similar drug category, I might add), ELN has managed to get 2 drugs approved addressing major quality of life issues. It's humiliating for anyone to suffer in pain.
    Although there's a black box warning for PRIALT and the delivery system is unwieldy for non-specialists, the market to be addressed is huge. Moreover, anesthesiologists (who can be reached easily with a concentrated sales force) are always looking for something that can alleviate their patients' suffering. That's what they do. Monitor vital signs, insert pumps and alleviate pain. I think PRIALT will be alot bigger than anyone thinks. Hospice care will also consider its use.

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    • acricketeer, great post. I agree that Prialt offers the potential to help many people to live a much better life and for some to die a much better death. I have known people who died a terrible protracted and painful death and in the end it was the knowledge that they were in agony that most tore at the families. Physical death is unavoidable for all of us but pain shouldn't be.

    • <Considering the problems associated with opiates (tolerance, abuse, hypersensitivity etc.)>

      One more problem with opiates, the DEA.

      Don't under estimate the chill the DEA has cast over the pain management community. Doc's don't like naroctics because they are poorly understood by the cops. Prialt is a way around this problem, the only way around that I am aware of.

    • You are such an idiot. How many time has it been reported that Prialt is ONLY approved for cases where morphine is not an option. This is a very limited market. Quit spreading lies.

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      • That's not correct. Prialt and Morphine can be used conjuction.

        "Prialt, the man-made equivalent of a conopeptide found in the venom of the Conus magus snail, has been shown in recent clinical studies to be effective in reducing pain for patients that had failed all other therapies. .... many of these patients decreased the amount of narcotic that they took for their chronic pain."

        Prialt is not a substitute for opioids. If opiate withdrawal is required, patients must be withdrawn slowly from opiates when initiating therapy with Prialt.

      • Sorry gamble, but you are misinformed. Almost ALL potential Prialt patients are now on opiates, will be on opiates, and will stay on opiates, until they have managed pain with Prialt, and are dose stabile. Then and ONLY then will they be tapered, very slowly, off of said opiates.

        Where did you get this "information" about Prialt? From your boiler room boss? Does he have any openings? I'm sure I can do a heck of a lot better job vs. the lousy talent he has now.

        Please refrain from blatant lies, and stick to half truths....


    • It will be easier to release some patients from the hospital into hospice if they are on a pump with Prialt. If they are dose stabilized on Prialt, care would be a lot easier on the hospice workers.