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  • sorry if this poster has already posted here from BIIB board, but it puts things in perspective and barring more cases of PML being discovered, could result in great TY sales down the road...

    BOBGR-european enbrel warning
    by: pinvestment 03/01/05 06:23 pm
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    on neurological side effects - this describes 14 additional cases so I guess the total is 31 (not 27) - add the www. and it will bring you to the pdf with the warning

    as before more evidence of severe neurological side effects of enbrel that have not kept it from becoming a blockbuster drug

    that is why I think that tysabri will be fine once the potential risks can be assessed and a warning can be added to the package insert

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    • The huge difference here is that Ty WAS taken off the market, Embrel was not

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      • The question is WHY?? Pre-Vioxx it wouldn't have?? BIIB caved in to protect its franchise a little longer??? I'm just not sure that BIIB and ELN made the right choice. The damage that was done from the pull, if it turns out to be an acceptable risk no different than ENebrel and Remicade and others, is huge.

    • That's the issue here. Neurologists would be reluctant to use a drug that could further demyelinate their patients' sheaths. Enbrel is used for rheumatooid arthritis and some other off label uses, including psoriatic arthritis. Remicade is also used for Crohn's disease. Neither of these two drugs are used specifically for MS. Considering the latest finding with Tysabri, which is in a similar pharmacologic class, we might see a warning label with these two other drugs, not to use it with MS patients. Another possible outcome for Tysabri is that it may go back on the market within a year or so for Crohn's, but not for MS. The verdict is still out and we'll have to wait for data. I expect to see more data by the time of the April Neurology Meeting.