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  • ashyman29 ashyman29 Mar 10, 2005 5:13 PM Flag

    Faber is tells more lies than anybody

    next to Jim Crammer. if you sell here and it goes to $25 in 12 months is David Faber going to re-imburse you for listening to him? nobody knows whats going on ELN was $27 last week and spent most of last 12 months around $22. <br><br> did a trade even get off at $6.52 today? i was checking every 15 minutes this afternoon and i think low was around $7.25. anyway, BIIB and ELN have way too much at stake here to call it a day. in all likelyhood they'll change a thing or two and bring it back in 6 months or less under another name. who gives a <z�>shit if a couple terminally ill people die or not. its good for them. BIIB ain't going to stand for $10b in market cap wiped out. they'll put it back on market in some form or another. then, all you clowns will be chasing ELN in the twenties day trading because you sold here and got no loot.

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    • If every potential blockbuster would be studied in every possible drug combination for every conceivable undesirable causality,
      all you could buy today would be a Black Box Labeled aspirin.

      I believe we are wittnessing a huge over-reactions by the regulators, pharmaceutical industry and the public, in light of the present and past legal liability environment. I suspect the opinions of the suffering patients does not get enough air time and/or are not without undue influence by the factors that the Pres. Bush tort reform may minimize some day.

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      • If every potential blockbuster were studied in every possible drug combination for every conceivable undesirable causality, all you could buy today would be a Black Box Labeled aspirin...a huge over-reaction by regulators, pharmaceutical industry and the public in light of legal liability,suffering patients do not get enough air time,...tort reform may minimize.
        First it pains me to tell you aspirin has been linked with ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding, so it will be distributed only by drug pushers in a lead lined container.

        Second, ELN/BIIB pulled the product, in fear of liability, until study evinces otherwise, or the mono delivery versus piggy back venue is validated safe. Dual meds issues is a longer road.

        Hurting patients in the lottery pool called tort liability notwithstanding, it is that liability that creates the environment for caution here and helps convert business interest into humanitarian interest in a heart beat, tort liability is the answer to the coldness of the market place.

        But I agree, the overreaction in both the stock and the company is way overblown.

      • the only one who overreacted was Kelly Martin.
        even the fda advised against pulling it.
        one can only hope he will come to his senses.
        but apparently he has a self-imposed media blackout, so his actions for the moment are unexplainable.
        the stock price has reacted as it should have to apparent management stupidity.

      • First, before anyone gets over heated I've owned ELN since 1999, never sold a share, and will buy again if the price hits my mark.

        Now in reply big_pharmar. You don't know what activated the virus, I doubt anyone does. It may turn out that a mechanism will not be identified. In the end Tysabi's return may be based on imperical evidence - a period following mono-therapy long enough to give reasonable assurance that Tysabri is safe. I'm not qualified to suggest when that might be. Until then we hold our breath and hope the second shoe doesn't drop.
        This is an unusully grim post for me.

    • yourschoolteacher@sbcglobal.net yourschoolteacher Mar 10, 2005 6:15 PM Flag

      If you play back just after 6:am chicago time just before fabor started his bashing joe told him to be carefull.

    • Friends or relatives suffering from MS, PD, AD or CD, Some on this board have one of these diseases. To be denied treatment that REALLY does give the patient relief, and or the chance at a better life,is, in my opinion tantamount to a criminal offense. I do not know who is to blame,or if anybodt is, but when the truth comes out, and it will, if there is anything other than an honest reason for pulling of T so suddenly, those responsible hopefully will "get theirs"


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