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    NY Times


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    • <I think the beta interferons have a relatively fast clearance rate.>

      Donkey poop.
      1: J Gen Virol. 1971 Aug;12(2):191-4. Related Articles, Links

      Interferon clearance rate decreased after repeated injections.

      Nuwer MR, De Clercq E, Merigan TC.

      Also: Abstract
      Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research
      January 2003, Vol. 23, No. 1, Pages 25-36
      Posted online on July 7, 2004.

      An IFN--Albumin Fusion Protein That Displays Improved Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Properties in Nonhuman Primates;jsessionid=oBnyMU

      1Jan05 Biotechnology Drugs.ppt
      Advantages-----lower clearance rate from the body. ... Recombinant Interferon-beta �. Avonex�

      --- P.

    • I had a brain farct. The IFN I took was Roche's Pegasys, an alpha-2a form, and I don't have any idea whether the side effects of the betas are similar. The truth is, once I got off it I proceeded to forget the research I did in the beginning.

    • Beta Interferon and Interferon Beta 1a are different drugs used to treat different diseases.

    • This is not an MS story, but is is about beta Interferon and its most serious side effect in my experience - peripheral neuropathy. I've "survived" two 48-week cycles of beta Interferon, and have now been off of it for 15 months, I'd like to say what it did for me and to me.

      It was taken with Ribavirin to combat post-liver-tx HEPC. I have been HCV-negative since a month into the treatment second cycle. (First cycle I did not tolerate the Ribavirin and was therefore not following the protocol completely). I don't believe there are any cases of the virus re-activating after over a year of absence with no drug intervention, so my doctors consider me cured.

      Now the reason for this post is to bring up the awful physical cost of taking Interferon. Peripheral Neuropathy is a common side effect and it got me. I have very little feeling left in my feet to well above the ankles. I don't expect any regeneration since it was so severe for so long. My hands and arms were just beginning to go numb whem I completed the cycle. They were not badly damaged and have recovered.

      When people talk about drug alternatives, I believe they should consider the side effects. I laugh when I hear that IFN causes flu-like symptoms. Big deal! Maybe, just maybe, I will lose the ability to walk. I'm happy to be alive and well, but I won't be doing any dancing.

    • I'll be here certainly...God willing... sound like a deal

    • It was your friend Ernesto that started it.

      He was filling the airwaves with halve truths. Speaking both sides of his mouth.

      If you are planning to die tomorrow, then maybe today is the day to compare statements.

      Bottom line is that there is no evidence that T in mono is anything but the safest most effetive treatment on the market. I believe this to be true and I will hold my shares tight to prove it.

      Read my original challenge to you. It stated that we will look at this a year from that point in time. I will be here. Will you?

    • Lets just compare account statements that will most certainly declare a winner. I had no idea something like this would happen to BIIB/ELN. Simple math said ELN was not nor will ever be a 12 BILLION market cap company. Too funny though, you and others rolling to all other potential competitors' boards and bashing. It was so childish...unbelievable. Posting stuff all over the MS community chat boards , I'm not saying you did personally you seem to have more integrity than that, but those postings were the Kiss of Death. Anyway I won't bother you anymore.. But if you find those POS PUMPERS PEADIR and MAKALEMAN send them my way.

    • Are you still trying to think of womething witty to say?


    • I am stil here and until I sell I am still in the game. Point me to the post where you identified PML in the combo use of avonex and Ty. Then I will admit defeat. Until then you can shove it up your arse.

    • an Israeli scientist raised questions
      about the advisibility of combining Tysabri
      with copaxone. he saw the potential for
      real problems in terms of adverse side-effects.

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