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  • rpm1075 rpm1075 Mar 15, 2005 2:18 PM Flag

    Bids looking real weak now. EOM


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    • Everything is RED on my board.
      dosen't look good for a market rally today.


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      • I am very interested to hear KM's comments tomorrow to see if he can bring the analyst community up to speed - as you know I think that this action (taking monotherapy off the market despite not having a single PML case or being able to link combo therapy to the two PML cases) is a complete cessation of reality given the numbers of severe adverse events and deaths caused by major drugs linke enbrel, avonex, remicade, rituxan, and even epogen

        therefore once the monotherapy year two data is released in april the market will have to accept the superior efficacy and safety profile that tysabri has

        the folks on this board that think that PML needs an incubation period are seriously mistaken - patients have developed PML within a week of enbrel and other immunosuppressive agent therapy

        also as I posted this morning anti-CD3 treatment to remove t-cells has never been linked to PML and that is far more immunosuppressive that tysabri - also people with digeorge syndrome who have no t cells have never developed a case of PML - just another set of reasons why reducing T cell motility into the CNS is not possible to be a cause of PML

        PML does not just occur when a person is immunosuppressed - the JC virus also needs to be activated and other risk factors are needed - that is why only 5% of severely immune compromised AIDS patients get PML and only about 0.1% of transplant or chemo patients get PML, while about 0.04% of enbrel users develop PML - with only two cases I don't think they will ever be able to figure out why - and if monotherapy has been shown to be safe for patients on the drug for 2-3.5 years then monotherapy should be put back on the market immediately

        I just don't think the analyst community has the probability of tysabri's return at the high level it is