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  • mardermj mardermj Mar 22, 2005 5:59 PM Flag

    any option traders can clue me in here?

    how if it reaches strike price in short time, say, tomorrow, your holdings is called . loss of money
    You need to read a book on option strategies, I can't explain it to you, but options rise only half as fast as the underlying stocks--if the stock goes to 10 tomorrow, the option you sold for $2.50 is going to be worth $3.75.

    You make the net which is $1.25,which doubles your investment immediately on 4000 shares on margin--$2500.

    Holding 1000 shares without margining and crossing your fingers it goes to 10 gets you the same money.

    I like my way better--the stock never has to move and you double your money. Needs time and patience and a good long term company.

    Like this one.