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  • bartlett38122 bartlett38122 Jun 13, 2005 12:31 PM Flag

    Bought a TON At 6.83 At The Open

    Good goin' huh?

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    • thank you for clarifying the info about margin.

      you say that i am either lying or am crazy. i agree! i assure you, i have never lied here and never will. that only leaves one option.

      the FOX is sometimes and has been considered crazy. that is correct.

      God bless you and good investing!

    • Margin laws were put into place to prevent another 1929 crash.

      For intraday buying power, you can have 4x your cash value, so you would need 40k in cash to get 160k margin daytrade power.

      If you have no cash in your account, you would need 40k of unmargined value in your stock after maintenance.

      So basically you're either lying or crazy.

    • Thanks for your post. It is VERY interesting.

      But....I know nothing about SEC law. I am recovering from bankruptcy (undeclared) and am risking nothing as I have nothing left to lose!

      You figure it out! The system is f*cked up and I am taking advantage of it!

      I am having fun and I wish the same for everyone!

      Good fortune!

    • $3300 is nothing. if you cant get a boner because you lost $3300 there is something else wrong with ya!!! try getting your head examined!

    • It is against SEC law to offer margin to someone without cash value in their accounts.

      For you to have 160k margin available must mean you hold a long position worth about 320k. (depending on your maintenance requirement.)

    • God Bless you Bartlett. I'm just pissed since I have lost so much money.

      I hope you get your Tysabri. Fuck the money, although it would be nice to get some back.


    • You are not that broke. You have magic friends and relatives.

      Good day.

    • Thought I would share my conversation late last week with you all. I spoke to one of the most respected neurologist in my area. He and partners represent the largest neurological practice in my area and together are responsible for the care of apprx. 1000 M.S. patients.

      I asked about the recent neurology comference. He indicated that most neuros want Tysabri back ASAP.

      I then asked about my wife, who has had MS for fifteen years and has been on Avonex for 5 years and WAS on Tysabri for 2 months. Very briefly, my wife's MS has been stable with no exaserbations within the last 5 years, BUT WITH SOME SLOW DETERIORATION. MRI has been unchanged in the last 5 years. His response and advise............ "PUT HER BACK ON TYSABRI when it becomes available".

      Lastly, I asked when Tysabri returns to the market and it is successfully used as MONO therapy without an epidemic of PML, what percent of your practice would eventually be placed on Tysabri?? ........His response, 60-70% of my MS patients..........Why?, I asked............. Because of efficacy......there is Avonex, Rebif, Beatserone, Copaxone...all with about the same efficacy, and then there is Tysabri, a quantum leap in efficacy in a class all by itself.

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      • Now imagine the pressure BIIB and ELN would have been under without this "pause". I do not suggest conspiricy. I suggest intelligent people making intelligent decisions for the long term. Sure, there will be bumps in the road. There will be some who win financially betting on market nuances. Most important will be the huge gains experienced by true longs waiting out the production to keep pace with demand. That will probably coincidentally be around the time of the completed studies. My guess is about one year after the FDA "fast track" approval date of last year. Doesn't that seem coincidental?

      • Hi srsmgia,

        just a humbling thought occured to me, in that I,m in this for pure financial gain but I feel humbled in that there are people out there like you and your wife, that are looking for this as a life altering drug, to provide a better quality of life, rather than those like me, who are looking for the life altering means through money. Sometimes we forget what it is we are dealing with. Next time the share price drops, I wont bitch or moan, as I have little to moan about.

        I wish you and your wife all the very best...

        regards Doiremik

    • Damn. We may break 7 today. Certainly tomorrow.

      Options closing this week. The spreads would indicate, if options do dictate end-of-week, something in the 7.3-7.5 range (7.5 calls and puts). Next week, move to 8 is my bestimate (and as you know, there is a lot of guesswork here). Elan is still trading pretty strong, IMO, not breaking down at all.