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  • bobnmichigan bobnmichigan Jun 22, 2005 4:15 PM Flag

    "With what we knew at the time"

    Interesting snippets from some article I found on an expression KM has used in making several KEY statements:

    Senator Says Merrill Lynch Helped Enron 'Cook Books'
    By Richard A. Oppel, Jr.
    The New York Times
    July 30, 2002

    Defending Merrill at the four-hour hearing today, G. Kelly Martin, the president of Merrill's international private client division, testified that the firm "strongly believes that our limited dealings with Enron were appropriate and proper based on what we knew at the time."


    Compare that with the following from May 26, 2005:

    A: (Kelly Martin) The question on uh�the thought process about temporarily pulling the drug off the market is something that we obviously spent an enormous amount of time on at the time. Um� we are in a� for what we knew at the time, which I think is an important statement, what we knew at the time, what we knew is we had two cases, of a, by all accounts was an exceptionally rare, rare, uh, disease.

    My conclusion is that KM is defending actions that in hindsight, no one in their right mind would have done, if all the information that is NOW available, was available then... draw your own conclusions... those are mine... Tysabri WILL be back...

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    • Paddy, I totally agree that amputee does not equate to charity case. But this particular amputee has been taking donations at my local shopping center for the past year. Clearly, he needs some help, but he's not a drunk or a druggie, just a guy down on his luck.

      He's getting a prosthetic leg next month. We've a dinner date to celebrate.

      Try to find some joy every day. It doesn't hurt.

    • Not every amputee is a charity case. I imagine he may have more cause to sob than you if this keeps on happening to him.

    • Thank you for this post.

    • Lindsey, You are the BEST! I'm going to stop and ask the next person in a wheelchair "How the heck are you?" I can't imagine a better feeling than to have another person say "Tonight you made me a human being." What powerful words. As to your "...bad habit of giving everything away" try this-buy some dividend paying stocks,with some of the proceeds from a partial sale of ELAN, and give away the dividends. You'll be able to give those away as long as the stock keeps paying dividends. In any event, Don't change-the world could stand a few million more just like you. nwbo

    • Thanks for the reminder that kindness and concern for others is paramount. It's also important to always be grateful for something. Two of many things I frequently appreciate, yet don't always act on.

      Have a great day...Angel-Lindsey;-}

    • elan_lindsey, I'm very glad to know you even if it is just through cyberspace. We need more people like you walking this earth. Good fortune to you and yours.


    • Resumption of trials requires a formal decision by the FDA as they have prohibited them. I don't know what procedure thay must follow for this but they cant make that decision until they have new elements to consider. Therefore that won't happen until after receipt and examination of the review. IMHO.

      I have a feeling the review could be submitted rather soon and once thats ion we'll see a cuccession of good news stories. again IMHO..

    • Hiyas Robert,

      I was just kidding with you :-)

      But I never expect to be wealthy, even if the rest of Elanville becomes tremendously rich. I've a bad habit of giving everything away.

      I had the most touching moment the other day. I was leaving the grocery market and I noticed an amputee in a wheelchair that I hadn't seen for several weeks. So I stopped in my tracks and said "Hey, you!! How the heck are you? Gosh, long time, I'm so glad to see you!!"

      Then I tried to give him some money for dinner, and he wouldn't take it.

      He said he's the invisible man, no one ever spins around to say hello when they see him there. Most people pretend not to see him. He said, "Tonight, you made me a human being."

      I sobbed into my pillow for a long time.

      There are a hundred chances every day, to change a life.

      Grab one when you can.

    • Hi linds. I would love the opportunity to have wealth to share. If that so happens it would be a pleasure. You say not in your lifetime was that in jest? I hope so. Also the sword thingy does that mean take one for the team? Hopefully we will all be wealthy and the MS folks will have their quality of life improved in the near future. Robert

    • Hiyas Robert :-)

      >>my luck the next day after I sold it would probably triple

      You know, no pressure, but you might consider falling on that sword?? ;-)

      (I am just playing with you!)

      If and when you become disgustingly wealthy (and I have no hopes of that in my lifetime) please consider sharing the wealth.

      My favorite charity is Brushes for Vincent. There are loads and loads you can pick from.


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