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  • piginabullsuit piginabullsuit Aug 12, 2005 2:56 PM Flag

    Goodtoreadthis is entitled...

    to do with his stock what he wants to do with it - with out our approval. Many of us lost a lot of money on black monday and if his comfort level of holding over the weekend, compells him to sell - well, it's his money! He's entitled because it's his. Give the guy some credit for all the information he's contributed to this thread in the past.

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    • <EOM>

    • How about a contraction of Shakespeare: " All is well dear Rosencrantz for it will (end) be what it shall be when at last I choose to end it well (or not) ".
      Have a pleasureable moment because it is all there is.

    • OK so that's one "zero" and two "highly unlikely" so far....

    • Didn't the author conclude that it happened in the context of combo?

    • what about Dr Frohman's comments
      concerning the analyses of the banked
      blood samples for the patients in
      the CD study? what we are talking
      about here is blindly elevating a patient's
      risk of getting PML by infusing him
      with Tysabri.

    • so are a lot of us longs, but maybe we are finally waking up and realizing da boyz don't play fair and the game is rigged. if da boyz are out of position, imho, they will do whatever it takes to turn it around. the krasner piece finally proved it to me. my 14-year old dyslexic daughter could analyze that piece of journalism and determine it was total crap. the science will drive this company long-term, however, it is the patients that will pay the most while the power brokers play with the pps.

    • I know no clinical details about the suspeced case and nothing about the evaluation to date. Apparently, there is a sick woman with MS who took Tysabri earlier in the year. I won't speculate on what other meds were used and how the patient was prior to Tysabri use. People went on Tysabri for many reasons. I suspect that a MedWatch form was submitted to the FDA. If the doctor did not do this, it is unlikely to be anything and a rumor somehow formed.

      Can 3 doses of Tysabri 6, 7 and 8 months ago cause PML? Let's assume combo with IFN. I see no reason to assume other drugs were used (except steroids), but I don't know the details. PML is subclinical for several months (sometimes shows up on tests and MRI, though patient feels fine), then there are several months of nonspecific decline (decreased cognition, speech, coordination, etc), MRI is usually done during this time showing 1 to 3 nonenhancing white matter lesions that follow sulcal pattern and have no mass effect, diagnosis is made and patient usually continues to worsen if HIV. Patients with HIV may survive if aggreessive HIV meds are used to increase the immune system.

      Given what I know, I feel that if Ty triggered PML, it would have been noted 2 to 4 months later (as with 'suspected' cases 4 and 5) and not 6 months later. However, I feel that Ty withdrawal in a preclinical PML case would have allowed for improvement and not further progression (after 1 to 2 months washout). Therefore, I believe that the rumor will turn out to be wrong. If my understanding of the patient's timecourse is inaccurate, then I will need to reassess (though I believe it will still be very unlikely).

    • For those of us that have been here since Summer 2002, we have all experienced some radical moves down and up, however, one constant is that options expiration will typically cause the pps to dump and than rise to the occasion once the option boyz have their day. With the rumor and options expiration coming up this Friday, in my opinion (which it totally worthless) the stock will continue to dump this week and then take off Monday, August 22.

      GTRT is a good man and his attack here is uncalled for. He is closer to the science from a personal standpoint than most of us here other than the Msers. We are all adults and we are all gambling. Get over it and take responsibility for your own financial mistakes.

    • I agree with you that this gtrt incident has been over done. Over the years with this play, we've seen dozens of these quirk rumours and turncoat pronounciations! This one is no different. What would have been different- would have been such a call by him prior to BM. oh well ....

      This is one tough stock play- in case some of you newbies haven't noticed! My guess- gtrt will be back in the play shortly, with a few more shares, perhaps than before he posted & left. The usual arguments will be thrown back and forth with him (assuming he isn't too embarassed- others have returned under similar circumstances).

      I think we may have a brief moment early Monday to obtain some of these reasonably priced shares.... but, the window will shut down quickly, imo. The shortsiders can play this game til the fda news arrives (now, the risk for them, is that it could happen any day)!

      best to all long, longs ....

      Turnaround!! redux!!

    • "I know for a fact that Gerry has made a very sizeable fortune out of Elan."

      Yes, this is the first time I have seen this debated. Still, the kid is getting plenty of recs???

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