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  • darrelldemello darrelldemello Feb 6, 2006 10:52 PM Flag

    Comments on today's action ...

    1. Specialist filling inventory for self and some big orders

    2. Big time MANIPULATION... ON-GOING .... no SEC or any regulatory body to regulate this ACTION... but as DWP says " WS is FILTHY ...' but WS IS FILTHY RICH TOO!

    3. SRA is toast ... for approx $8-410 billion ... anything more is a joke (IMO)

    4. Yes, the enemies of ELN are not just competitors (but unfortunately includes the partner too) ! otherwise how come AVONEX has never been evaluated as to why it POTENTIALLY causes or POTENTIALLY can cause PML?

    5. The Feb'06 $15's are an ABSOLUTE STEAL... the $17.50's are the play here .. for the Feb'06 OE ?

    6. The AC is a given for a recommended approval ... PAYDAY 3/8?

    7. berkstump : love your anlaysis... both TA and the calls... keep up the good work...

    8. Did I forget anything/anyone else? Sorry it has been a long day... in case I missed out on some great contributions by some of the best posters on the yahoo message boards... your contributions are always read and welcome!

    Life is good ... hold on to your GOLDEN ELN SHARES ..... don't let THEM get shaken/away from your 'tired' hands... !!!

    'Nite all ...


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    • I got folks buying this at all levels below $16/share...big boys are setting themselves for a big time BLOW. Lower they take, more of my pals are buying...coffers ready to BUY through 3/7 and beyond...

    • (5. The Feb'06 $15's are an ABSOLUTE STEAL... the $17.50's are the play here .. for the Feb'06 OE ?)

      Wouldn't the stock be a better steal at 14.85 instead of paying 15.60 for the same share. Recommending any Feb options is nuts. Just buy the stock IMO.

      • 1 Reply to gates_wanabe
      • He's pumping those options as a speculation on the option price itself, not as a way to acquire shares. But I expect the Feb 15's to expire at the same value as I correctly expected the Jan 15's to expire, ZERO. I don't think the share price will get over 15 until after expiration on Feb 17th, still 18 days before the AC. Buying any otm call at this point should be done with lottery money only. Be prepared to lose and say 'oh well, it was fun and it didn't cost much.' ELN's share price will go up imo, but when FDA approval is established, the label is seen as not overly restrictive, there is a strong initial uptake and projections of real market share begin to make the financial press. I think it will take at least six months to a year to see the 20's again based on Tysabri's return to market. So far other products have not been recognized as significant revenue drivers, although that could change if a flurry of nano deals were announced and/or when updated Alz results are announced. Euro approval of Tysabri may be many months away and it too will have an impact. But the hypsters on this board are dead wrong imo when they sing of glory tomorrow or the next day. This will be a long road with little rewards along the way. That's my opinion. Caveat emptor: when you find yourself drooling over the near term options, your inner voice should just be saying NO!.

    • Darrell, I don't think they had to manipulate much today. There is probably enough sincere pressure coming out of the options pit that any type of buyers apathy is enough to easily produce a bad day. I didn't like us seeing and holding a new low low, today. But the bears challenged the bulls, and the bulls just did not respond. Tomorrow's a new day. We'll see what we see.