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  • stealthisalias13 stealthisalias13 Feb 15, 2006 4:38 PM Flag

    MyTysabridiaryday406: Pioneers first!

    Dear friends and family,

    I can't believe it's already day 406 since I experienced the best darn therapy for my ACTIVE and DYNAMIC MS! I am still being held hostage by most of the beastly burden of MS yet, not as unlucky as I had been in late 2004. I would certainly be terribly disappointed for all my needy MS patient friends if this stretches out beyond day 444. I am so elated our original courageous pioneers will first be given back their fantastic find! This confident relaunch was the concientious and credible way to bring back Tysabri(Antegren) to those brave few who had risked their all in the beginning before their own curative and individual discoveries.

    26 years ago I was involved in another chaotic hostage crisis. It was a sad day in my life because I know we had worked so hard to bring our fellow Americans home. I never thought I would ever again be so coincidentally involved in a similar situation 26 years later. But, this time around it's alot different. Me and many of my dear friends are still being held hostage and captive by our MS. I can't relate my problems to any other friends as well as I can carefuly explain this critical issue to my fellow captives. The best way I can describe this complex crisis is that it's all unfolding before our very eyes like I had wished for it to happen once again after February 28, 2005.

    Please hang on tight my MS patient patriots and dear friends, our true hope is back on it's way to us, the rightful owners.

    It's simply been all about all about our better informed and much worthier choice. Nothing else matters to me and I want it back more than ever.

    Thanks to all my dear friends for all your continuing difficult work in support of all MS patients.

    Sincerely yours and best wishes,

    Tysabri Mike as the veteran MS patient who briefly discovered the greatest therapy or cure for my own active MS while always striving to make a positive and productive difference in my MS patient life. I own a small position in this safer science company who totally commit to patients first and ALWAYS convey to do no harm.

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