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  • alotofambers alotofambers Apr 16, 2009 10:16 PM Flag


    For everything - every time

    tim geitner to resume tax payments - if he has to ... ??

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    • teflon4x Apr 27, 2009 9:37 PM Flag

      okay then

    • The payroll tax is not a tax - it is payment on an annuity (Social Security). Because SS is low end loaded, it is a good investment for lower income people, a pretty bad deal for the upper incomes (anybody paying the max). And they may get stuck for income tax on their already skimpy pensions.

    • You shouldn't be on here bragging about your offspring not being smart enough or athletic enough to get a scholarship, lol!

    • Agree

    • Payroll taxes fund Fica and Medicare, which both will present an deficit that'll make today's deficit look like chicken sheet.

      Just like any business or household, the fed and states have to cut spending.

      Everyone forgets that since the 90's we promoted and led the way for the "world economy". Well it's simple we can't do business in the world economy if our cost structure is two to three times as high. No one can afford our products.

    • Wouldn't it be be better to get rid of payroll taxes altogether? Thay would put lots of money in into the working man's pocket. Also a dollar for dollar deduction for college would be appreciated.

    • Much to most's amazement I don't think income taxes need be lowered. I on the otherhand don't think they should be raised on those who avtually create the jobs either. I do think payroll taxes should have been cut 50% instead of this measly amount in the stimulus. That would put money directly in the working mans pocket to spend or get caught up. I also think cap gains should be lowered and folks ought to get a deduction for sending kids to college. When I sent my son it cost me at least 100K. He did not meet the means test for aid and we got soaked for the whole bill. That was ridiculous and put me in debt for years. He got straight a's while some of his friends who got aid flumked out. He was told after year 1 that scholastic aid was only given to incoming freshman even with his grades. Now that is a crock as well. IMHO BBBud

    • Lowering taxes has worked before. What percent do you think they should be lowered?

    • actually it is you who are in denial-the solutions are clear and well presented on the right-lower not raise taxes to spur business investment and job growth-do not undertake costly new entitlement programs while the economy is weak-and do not move to expensive alternative energy when we have an abundance of resources here we have not developed. Obama is all about an agenda. He won the election and has a right to push an agenda but to push it before an economic recovery is at hand is stupid. Open your eyes you kool aid maven. IMHO BBBud

    • yank_mydoodleitsadandy yank_mydoodleitsadandy Apr 18, 2009 10:36 AM Flag

      We are in debt up to our eyeballs and this administration and the last for that matter are intent on making it worse.

      What a stupid statement. If you don't like it here move! I hear you can freely voice your opinion in Russia. Go try that. I hear you belly ache alot but i hear no solutions. You're just like Limbaugh, Hannerty and Billo the clown, all you can do is whine, whine whine. Where are your solutions and why didn't you run for office to make things better? If Obama fails here you won't believe what will fall on us. How about we try some support instead constanly trying to tear down. If Bush would've been a decent president I would've been behind him 100%. But look what he has left us with. You sir are in denial. sfb.

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