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  • gollywogazoo gollywogazoo Sep 4, 2009 10:31 AM Flag

    what was ELN thinking? More important, what was J&J thinking?

    to believe they could muscle BIIB in such a crude way is truly laughable. Can you say "egg on my face" (and lots of it). Without a doubt this court ruling now places BIIB firmly in the drivers seat concerning all things Tysabri.

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    • Exactly, they weren't thinking that's the problem. God damn Irish drunken bastards should have done better DD before they inked the deal with J&J. As for the KM, F.U.C.K YOU!

    • And to think that this is ELANS drug NOT BIOGENS !!!!

      I really dont know why they went into collaboration with Biogen

      Even from Day 1 they have been a pain in the ass and completely unhelpful (publicly) and im sure privately

    • BIIB and Elan have a contract under which they have equal rights. If BIIB is firmly in the driver's seat then so is Elan. The difference is that Elan is catching up on bargaining power and that is scaring you BIIB holders who thought the Tysabri buyout trigger did not apply to Elan.

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      • yes-my point is the whole jnj deal says to biib that ty cannot be part of any deal for biib and that pertains to whether it is in the jnj/eln contract or not. RDF should understand this as attorneys do it all the time by saying something not allowed in front of a jury even though it gets objected to and ruled sustained by the judge. it gets out there just the same and now biib and the whole market knows eln can get the financing for a ty buy. IMHO BBBud

    • I think you are a pipe dreamer. I will still put my money with ELN and J&J. Is BIIB being punished? Yes they soon will be.They deserve to be for peddling their Avonex with full knowledge it is an inferior product to Tysabri. Now that the tuth on Avonex is beginning to sink in with MSers, BIIB now wants to start promoting the sale of Ty. It's too late.

      Once complaince is established, J&J and ELN will do a double whammy on BIIB, buy the rights to Tysabri and your stock in BIIB will plunge.........Mullen deserves what he gets. If you have any foresight whatsoever, you will dump your BIIB before the plunge.......

    • Not sure how you come to that conclusion-eln jnj say they will come into compliance and thus biib cannot be sold without having to still give eln the rights to buy ty. That is the bottom line. JNJ and eln also just essentially told the market that jnj will stick with eln and if they can't put it in writing that they will fund the ty buy it certainly is now insinuated. There is nothing biib can do about that. This was not a win for biib in any fashion. IMHO BBBud

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      • >> NJ and eln also just essentially told the market that jnj will stick with eln and if they can't put it in writing that they will fund the ty buy it certainly is now insinuated. There is nothing biib can do about that. <<

        Hey Beach,

        You are wrong again. Why do you like rolling the dice so much. BIIB won round one (you know the one that they wouldn't, shouldn't, couldn't but did). Now the ball is in ELNs court as they have a chance to fix their breach of the ELN/BIIB agreement. Possible scenarios: 1) if ELN fumbles the ball or lets the clock run out and then they lose their rights to Tysabri (unlikely); 2) if ELN just removes the offending language from the JNJ deal then they open themselves upto to judicial review (likely). In that case, 3 weeks from now Biogen will formally assert it rights to all of Tysabri and a long court battle that will ensue. ELN will have the uncertainty of Tysabri's fate over its head for years to come, BIIB not so much as the battle will be about ELN's half of Tysabri. 3) ELN revises its deal with JNJ prohibiting it from participating in Tysabri if a COC triggered or it reaches some other compromise with Biogen or JNJ (given recent statements unlikely).


      • whatever you say...


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