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  • littlejohnmccain littlejohnmccain Nov 9, 2009 8:32 PM Flag


    I agree: elan is under no pressure because of j & j.

    there is news pending and it should be positive.

    if you look at other 3+b biotech pharma plays on
    the market - you see a $20.00 price or more.

    my belief is that biib & eln are both in play for
    j & j. And the kinks are close to ironed out.

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    • Elan is an amazing company and it's nanotech. drugs are cutting edge, check out the many drugs they have in the pipeline. Tsyrabi has been a miracle drug to many, many users and all this hype over an extremely small number of PML cases is way out of proportion to it's benefits. Look at the tens of thousands of deaths which have resulted from countless drugs by Merck, Pfizer and the like. Elan has been the whipping boy for the FDA because they're not putting big money into our elected criminals coffers like the aforementioned do.