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  • felten_lichtersnatch felten_lichtersnatch Jul 17, 2012 10:38 PM Flag


    When you reply to the spam posts you are just bumping the thread and giving spammers more exposure.

    When you give 5 stars to the nitwit who replies to the spam, you guarantee the garbage thread stays on the board even after the spam is deleted.

    It's spam. We get it. Report it to Yahoo, give it one star and move on.

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    • Please pay attention.
      No one said ignore the spam.

      Some people reply to the spam thinking spammers read the comments. They do not read your posts.

      They do not care what you say or think. This is a job to them, not a chat room to follow your input.

      Instead of trying to lecture spammers, report the spam to Yahoo. They will remove it.
      At the same time, give it one star.

      When you comment on a spam thread you only benefit the spammer by bumping his post. When you give replies to the spammer 5 stars, you guarantee the spam thread stays on this board forever. That makes this board worthless. No wonder so many people have left.

      Report the spam to Yahoo and give it one star. That's all you need to do. This has been done on other boards and the spammers eventually leave.

      Stop over thinking this. Just do this and you will clean up the board.

    • Are you aware that Yahoo does watch fot the 'SP_M' word and use this as one of their tools in shutting down the SPAM.
      Your solution is kind of silly. The board is so inundated with SPAM and, there is only about 1% of the posts that relate to ELN. Other boards are inundated with other peripheral junk.
      Since you bring it up, I'll probably start posting my dissatisfaction with all this crap.
      One can also flag the offenders to Yahoo.
      If you assessment is correct that everyone ignores it, why does the 5 stars to the anti spammers bug you so much.
      If Yahoo doesn’t stop this SPAMMING somehow, there will no one left that has credible information to share. Nearly all the early posters have left for investor’s village.
      Have you written to Yahoo and requested their advice? These posters are definitely contrary to the conditions Yahoo has for legitimate posting.

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