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  • munirqasim42 munirqasim42 Feb 8, 2013 8:46 AM Flag

    ELN actually robbed BIIB.

    Mr.Gizmondo: you are write, I was wrong. When I realized the mistake, it was too late. Any way 25% royalty is not bad.These people are working on parkinson and alzheimer, if they succede, ELN would be the stock of the century

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • eln got one hell've of a deal,thats for sure,another plus is the fact jnj holds a 18% stake(THEY PROBABLY HELPED GETTING THE DEAL).unfortunatly one has to look who's running the company, this is where the downside begins. hopefully jnj will take a roll in eln's future,i believe thats elan's only hope.

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      • Who do you think negotiated the deal ?
        Hans (former Biogen Idec COO) was the one, not KM. He became Elan #$%$ 2012 just for the purpose of this deal. I hope he will stick around to acquire new pipeline.
        1/ DNDN with existing revenue of around $350 mil/yr with MC of $1 bil. Its immuno tech could be a synergy with Elan expertise in the same field (Bapi)
        2/ Drug delivery expert in Mist technology Novadel could be acquire for chump change of a couple million buck, less than a drop of pennies from Elan's pocket

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